About us

What brings us together?

After years of attending conventions and exhibitions that put book fans last, we conceived of a celebration of reading that promotes both traditional writers and self-published authors and focuses on our love of books. We want to present a book festival that appeals to all, drawing in readers and authors from across Australia to discuss everything from new releases to cherished classics and bring the fun back into a timeless hobby. Beginning with establishing the fair in Sydney, we intend to bring the event to other cities within the first five years of operation.

Who we are

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Ivana L. Truglio

CEO & Founder

Ivana is an indie author who owns and runs her own publishing company. She has exhibited in various conventions since 2015. She worked in multi-national publishing companies for eleven years, learning all the tricks of the trade, and now works part time at a charity to devote more time to writing. In her spare time, Ivana loves playing board games and fencing with her entire family where they poke each other (gently) with swords.

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Tori Johnson

HR & Community Director

Tori is an avid lover of books, as is evident from the eighty books on her to be read ‘shelf', and an amateur writer. She has been a Municipal Liaison for the Sydney Region of National Novel Writing Month for four years, and brings experience wrangling book lovers and managing online platforms to the team. Tori's day job is in fashion, but in her free time she can be found writing, gaming, drawing, and spending time with her Better Half and their British bulldog.

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Molly O'Neill

Business & Finance Director

Molly is a project manager with experience running projects up to $1m in value. She brings international and local knowledge having started out on the UK's Cheltenham Science Festival. She is also an avid reader and part time writer with a special passion for science-fiction and diverse voices in literature. In her spare time she enjoys snorkelling and carpet making.

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Ally M. Gil

Marketing Manager

Ally is a journalist and content creator by day, reader by night and an aspiring author in between. Ally brings her years of working at comic cons, university events, and extensive social media know-how to the Book Fair Australia team. In her spare time you’ll find her reading, playing Dungeons & Dragons, or contemplating if she should have another cup of tea.

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Quinn Li

Social Media Coordinator

Quinn brings a background in communication, recruitment and design to their role at Book Fair Australia, not to mention a love for books and writing. As marketing manager, they hope to guide readers and writers alike together as a community to grow alongside BFA, especially as a writer hoping to see their name on the shelves one day.

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Imogen Elvis

Social Media Coordinator

Imogen is an avid reader and writer who is passionate about sharing her lifelong love of reading and writing, especially young adult fiction, and the fantasy genre. She brings a BA in Professional Writing and Publishing to the team, as well as her experience as a three-time published indie author. In her spare time, Imogen can be found learning a new crochet pattern, listening to epic movie soundtracks, or lost in a good action RPG.

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Laura Hunter

Social Content Creator

Laura is a bestselling author, writing as L.L. Hunter and has published over 50 titles to date. She brings a wealth of eventing and customer service experience to her role at Book Fair Australia, having worked previously at the State Theatre and Tennis NSW. She loves animals, good wine, and true crime documentaries.

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Annie McCann

Event Host & Author Liaison

Annie McCann is an Indonesian-Australian emerging writer, blogger and emcee from Western Sydney. She is the founder of Read3r’z Re-Vu network of readers and co-founder of The Right Pen Collective. In 2021, Annie was an Australia Reads ambassador and co-winner of the Women Empowering Women awards in the Creative Arts Pioneer category. Annie is very passionate about cultural diversity especially in books and pop culture. When she’s not reading or writing she’s either watching Parramatta Eels play NRL, playing virtual DnD with friends or jamming to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits.

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Natasa Tucev

EDM Coordinator

Natasa is an experienced office administrator and content creator. She is currently at university with aspirations to become a product designer. Natasa is very passionate about and engaged in the cosplay community, creating costumes and attending as many conventions as she can.

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Alec Pirillo

Information, Systems & Technology Manager

Alec has a strong background in software development on highly available web systems and complex software architectures. From humble beginnings as a web developer, he now manages an engineering team in the online travel industry. When it's time to relax, Alec is very passionate about board games, 3D printing, and hiking.